How to Select a Stylish Designer Handbag ?

1334473153333If you are looking for a stylish designer handbag, one of the things that you need to bear in mind is whether the bag is original or an imitation item. Sometimes, these bags could look similar to the original ones, but in reality they’re not at all original! When choosing your bag, you should look at some of the things that could differentiate between a genuine and a fake bag, along with other important aspects.

1. Look for stains and blotches

A fake bag is more susceptible to stains and blotches; therefore, if you tend to spot these two things on the surface of the bag that you’re planning to buy, the best thing to do is not to buy it. As a consumer, you have a lot of options; therefore, you should not buy anything that does not pass this kind of visibility test.

2. Look for space

If you have a lot of items to bring along at a time, having enough storage space in your bag is crucial. The basic items that should fit comfortably in the bag are such as paper money, coins, identity card, ATM card, a lipstick or two, house keys, car keys, compact powder, cell phone, a tablet (if you need to use it to do your work) and some tissues.

3. Look for suitability

If you are using the handbag for an evening function, it should match well with your evening gown. When your gown is black in color, using a small purse that has shades of black is a good match. You can also use a purse that comes with some black trimmings. You can also create a contrast and for this purpose you need to come up with vibrant color options which may include red, a hint of gold and shades of silver. For this purpose, the bag is rather used as a complementary accessory than a practical item. You might only be able to fit in a lipstick and a small compact powder in it due to its small size.

4. Design matters as well

You don’t need a lot of effort when searching for the best vacuum sealer as it’s usually meant for one purpose, which is to seal your vacuum cleaner. It’s a different story altogether when it comes to choosing the best luxury and stylish designer handbags – this is due to the fact that you have too many options to go for. However, to make things simpler you could choose one based on the types of materials used. For eveningwear, adding some glitters to your overall appearance might create the right kind of persona and this can be done quite easily by using the right type of designer bag. Bags made of silk,and added with crochet and embroideries are some of the great ones that can make you appear truly gorgeous and beautiful.

5. Safe for Travelling

If you are using the bag for travelling, you should never compromise on the safety aspects; that being said, look for a bag that has ample safety features and could prevent thieves from snatching it from you easily.

Getting Ready for an Interview – Use a Suitable Handbag!

2157506383733027441522If you are attending an interview, apart from getting yourself ready with answers that you might have expected to come from the interviewer, you should also dress up formally and bring along a suitable handbag. Appearing professional when attending an interview is very important because usually people tend to judge a person from the way he or she looks. You don’t have much time to create an everlasting impression – for the few minutes that you have when facing your interviewer, you need to give your best shot; both from the aspects of your intelligence and personal appearance.

That being said, if you haven’t owned a suitable handbag yet, it’s about time that you get one for yourself. The bag does not need to be expensive in the first place – what’s more important is that it should make you appear confident, formal and organized.

One of the things that you should think about is the size of your bag – are you planning to bring a hard copy of your resume or just your thumb drive? If you need to bring some hard copies, then having a bag that can fit these copies is crucial. Usually, resumes are printed on A4 papers, so your bag should be sized a few inches wider than the size of A4 so that you can fit in your copies without crumpling them.

If you are seeking for jobs related to aquamarine and underwater activities, then you should consider buying a bag that can fit in the best underwater camera. The best bag should be able to contain your camera comfortably and to prevent external factors from damaging it. Although these types of cameras are usually water resistant, they might not be able to handle other damaging factors such as heat and pressure.

If you are looking for added practicality, choosing those that come with some zippers seems a great idea. You can simply unzip your bag and insert your hand into the bag to fetch your items. Another function for such zippers is that they prevent your items from pouring out unintentionally and causing you a lot of embarrassment during your interview session.

BN1801maroonOf course, the right choice of color plays a big role too – if you plan to wear a blue dress you should find a bag that can match with your attire in a pleasant way. Remember that you are attending an interview – you should be able to appear neat and tidy with the colors that you have opted for your attire and handbag. The only exception to the rule is when you’re actually applying for the post of a clown in the circus. If that is the case, then you are free to use any bag at all because clowns are supposed to wear colourful attire, isn’t that right?

Again, it’s really important not to look very casual during an interview especially when there are many other candidates who are applying for the same job. Keep in mind that handbags made of cotton and nylon could make you appear casual; thus, avoid these as best as possible.

Prada Bags – Choosing the Right One

urlChoosing the right Prada bags might take a bit of your time because you certainly want to end up having great looking bags. The same goes when you are shopping for a golf rangefinder. You don’t want the hassle of having to buy a few of those due to your own fault of not reading enough golf rangefinder reviews.

Well, let’s get back to what we are discussing just now. It’s correct – buying a handbag needs a little of artistic mind. First of all, you need to consider about the brand name. Are you interested to get a bag from an expensive brand name, or are you just contented with a common, cheap one? And then, you also need to worry about the design. There are obviously a lot of beautiful designs available out there, but do they fall within your personal preferences? Are they great enough up to the point that you are ready to spend your hard-earned money on them?

For most people, a handbag should have a few features before they are suitable for buying. For one, many do consider looking at the practical side before the design, but some others do not really care if their bags are really functional in the first place. They are only concerned on the aesthetical value of the bags. Well, everyone has his or her own preferences.

If you are attending an interview, for instance, you need to come up with a bag that can match your outfit. You need to look professional when using the bag; otherwise, you might not get the job at all. Of course, if you are attending a business gathering you can choose from casual to formal designs – it’s all up to you actually.

If you need to use the handbag while commuting to work, basically you would want to buy one that could contain all your vital documents. There should be enough room for you to keep some paperwork in the bag. Having a small compartment to keep your business cards is also very useful. At the same time, you need to ensure that all your belongings can be kept safely; in other words, no paper would get crumpled or torn when kept in the bag.

If you are a business person who are always on the go, buying a bag that has multiple pockets could solve a lot of your storing problems. There are various items you need to bring along at a time – this is understandable due to the nature of your job. Make sure you can keep enough utensils along with your cell phone and keys, and make sure they’re all kept within easy-to-reach sections. This will eliminate the need to take out all your items just because the one that you’re looking for can’t be located easily. As a business person, it is important that you appear professional, isn’t it right? If you appear disorganized there is a likelihood that you will lose customers because they don’t really trust you in the first place.

Handbag Lovers – What’s Your Personal Preference?

Aiisha+Ramadan_0A handbag is considered as a necessary item for almost all women, but along with that you might have your own personal preference when shopping for your bag. There is no denying all sorts of handbags seem to flood the market these days, and you might face a hard time trying to pick the best one that suits your preference as well as your needs. Of course, there are several criteria you need to look into when buying a handbag – among them are such as the size, the purpose, the color, the design, the material and brand name.

If you are a woman who pays attention to little details, you might be looking for handbags that have specific designs. Perhaps, simplicity is what you’re looking for – whatever your option is you still need to do some comparisons before finally deciding to buy one.

If you are in need of a daily handbag, first of all identify for what you are going to use it for. Are you taking it to a sewing class or an English tutorial? Knowing your purpose of using the bag is highly important as the options are too many and it’s going to be very difficult for you to decide on the most suitable item if you don’t base your options on some focused areas. For the basics, there are sling bags to go for – these could be worn on your shoulder and it automatically frees both your hands to do anything you like.

Handbags that are very expensive are really adored by many women because these almost always fall within the highest quality. In order to get these bags, just make sure you visit the store with enough money – or else you might go home empty-handed.

The more inexpensive versions are not lacking in options either – these are adorable looking and available in various sizes, colors and price range. Although they might not last as long as the genuine and the expensive handbags, at least you can get more items with the same amount of money. In a way, this is rather fun because you can use a different bag for a different occasion and all of these bags can be yours as they are certainly affordable to own.

When budget is not allowing you to buy those handbags that come from the high-end range, it does not mean that you cannot appear stylish and drop dead gorgeous. The cheaper ones are not lacking in style – they are consisted to attractive designs, they have fabulous colors to go for, and to conclude you can’t fall short of options.

To appear the most trendy it would be great if you could match your handbag with your shoes. For this reason there are many brand names that have been producing handbags and shoes hand in hand; meaning, you can buy them both and wear them both to get that dashing look that could steal the envious glances from so many handbag lovers. Again, you don’t have to spend a small fortune just to own these luxury items as there are imitation ones to go for if it happens that you don’t have enough budget to own the high-end ones.

Verifying the Authenticity of Designer Handbags

img-thingThese days it’s very easy to find scammers and their sole intention would be to earn profit without thinking of the quality of the products that they’re offering. Due to this reason, when selecting a designer handbag, you need to inspect the item more carefully before hodeciding to pay for it. If you buy based on impulse, you are actually exposing yourself to the possibility of being conned. Don’t lose your hard earned money for something cheap and not worthy! This is why you should run a few inspection efforts and below are some of the basic ones you should never go without.

1. Look at the location

When you pay a visit to some of the huge cities in the world including Paris, London and New York, you will most probably notice the presence of so many street vendors. These street vendors tend to sell a variety of items including designer handbags; however, are these really genuine? When you look at them at a glance, they might look the same and even feel the same. However, don’t be satisfied too quickly – you can actually differentiate between a fake and a genuine bag by simply observing it closely. Make an effort to open the bag to inspect the interior stitching and don’t forget to sniff at it and run your fingers along the trimmings. A true designer handbag would have very neat stitching, and the symmetries are almost 100% perfect. Along with that, the color of the handbag should appear consistent and unlikely to fade away when exposed to water, heat and sun.

2. Ask for credentials

A genuine designer handbag should always have the right kind of credentials for you to refer to; this means it should have a receipt and serial number in which you can detect from where it originates. In addition, if you plan to buy a very expensive designer handbag, you can always ask to look at its authenticity card; this is because really pricey items are always backed up with this kind of card.

3. Is it too cheap?

Designer-Handbag-4Look at the price tag of the handbag and use your own judgement and common sense to decide whether it’s really worth it to buy one. Although sometimes you can get a cheap bag that is also genuine, the likelihood of stumbling upon this kind of offer is usually little to none. Therefore, always be careful when the price tends to be way lower than you expect it would be. In most cases really cheap handbags are not genuine and these are mostly sold by street vendors. After all, just think about it – if such an item is so cheap, wouldn’t it be easy for anyone to get one?

4. Look for spelling errors

This is rather common among fake designer handbags and you can easily spot the spelling mistakes. Some of them are not spelled incorrectly, but the name is rather changed a bit but still carrying the sense and aura of the high-end item.