Premature ejaculation Techniques to delay ejaculation

Premature ejaculation Techniques to delay ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the most commonly diagnosed sexual dysfunction in men of all ages. In this case the man is not able to control his ejaculation during sexual intercourse. Often sufferers experience the climax only seconds or minutes after the initiation of sexual activity.
There are, however, to prevent ejaculation effective behavioral interventions that can help you. The most famous techniques are the start-stop method and the squeeze technique.


The combination of these techniques, along with a sexual counseling and drug therapy (with or Emla Priligy) is an effective solution to this problem for many men. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, we can provide you medical advice in this consultation and if necessary you exhibit, a prescription for Priligy or Emla.

Premature ejaculation occurs when ejaculation occurs in men during intercourse too soon.
There are two types of premature ejaculation: lifelong (primary) or acquired (secondary).

The first type begins very early in their teens when first sexual experiences are made. You must be handled quite complex because most psychological causes are the reason. (Eg to ejaculate as quickly as possible to avoid being caught).
The second type of premature ejaculation often occurs later on in life and is psychological pressure (relationship problems, stress) or physical causes (diabetes, high blood pressure) is based.

Techniques to delay ejaculation

There are numerous tools and techniques that you can try yourself already, to prevent premature ejaculation. Examples of this are often Sex, Masturbation which the woman is a few hours before intercourse or during sex on the man.

There is also the possibility to use thicker coated condoms, which reduce the sensitivity of the penis.
In the behavioral techniques, such as start-stop technology and squeeze technique, it is more of a temporary helper to prevent ejaculation. However, they often offer no long-term solution.

It may take a few months to men experience an effect in the application of these techniques, however, this does not solve the real problem and it is after a while in the beginning. Average use 50% to 95% of men certain sexual techniques to delay the long-term premature ejaculation. However, the danger of a relapse especially if circumstances change in sexual life (eg new partner, stressful event).

Generally, however, applies, the sooner you start applying these techniques, the long-term and better the outcome will be for you. The reason why the success rate of the techniques vary so much, is that the more hypersensitive rather than anxious to respond to treatment with drugs often appears to be more effective in men. While this may be a long-term help with premature ejaculation, but offer no definitive solution to the actual problem.

You do not as yet know why some men to prevent their premature ejaculation. Probably allow a conscious use of the drugs problem and the sexual contact.

Start-stop technology | how to get rock hard erections

The start-stop technology is probably the most common method and is most commonly used because they can be applied either alone or with a partner.
The penis is stimulated here so long until you are on the viagra online without prescriptionSubsequently, the Stimulation for about 30 – stopped 60 Seconds until you regain your sense of control. Repeat this 4 or 5 times and ‘rest’ you every time just before orgasm. Let the ejaculation happen, so that the point of no return can be identified.

However, some partners complain about the inconvenience this ‘game’ and find it rather frustrating. It is best to try it as smooth as possible to integrate into the sexual act.

Squeeze technique | how to get a hard on instantly

In the squeeze technique of penis just before orgasm between the shaft and glans compressed (about 30 seconds). Due to this sudden interruption of your erection is affected, however, by re-stimulation can be undone.
Also, this method should be repeated 4 or 5 times until you can decide on the timing of ejaculation itself.
To achieve a longer-term effectiveness, the squeeze technique should be applied for a few months. Better results are usually achieved by constancy.
The squeeze technique is to serve the point of no return to recognize and thus to know how premature ejaculation can be delayed.

Additional methods

The techniques described above can be supported by distracting yourself and just think of something else. This can be something very boring, everyday or even annoying (or as the latest football results).
Alternatively, you can take a deep breath and just before ejaculation. This can delay the orgasm and influence the Stimulation entertaining.

The role of the partner

A longer foreplay achieves better partner satisfaction and often delayed ejaculation. The prelude is usually underestimated, but it is especially important in a relationship in order to avoid pressure to perform and overcome fears. Therefore – take your time!
The man then tends to early ejaculation when he feels sexually put under pressure. Further help open communication with your partner. So can overcome problems and misunderstandings are cleared up.

A discussion about how a premature ejaculation can be prevented is a great way to rediscover the sex in the partnership and to find new ways of interaction.

For more information about premature ejaculation

As already mentioned: If you think that your penis is too sensitive, try to use prepared in accordance with condoms that will help you to delay the ejaculation.
Some doctors recommend to focus on other sexual pleasures as sexual intercourse to reduce possible fears and gain better control over ejaculation.
Please remember that you can always talk confidentially to a doctor about your problems. If you want to try a medication, you can buy Dred Priligy dapoxetine with the drug. You will need a prescription from one of our doctors. Many men suffer from premature ejaculation, but often afraid to take the first step in treatment.